Monday, September 9, 2013

Projects to do before Christmas gets here

A couple of jobs crept onto my "do before Christmas" during a long and uninteresting meeting at the office today. Not sure why these exactly, other than they are big enough to take some time to do right, and I need the push of a deadline to make sure they happen.

  • Setting up the 9 inch hercus lathe:
    Parts of this mighty machine have littered my workbench since I managed to lug this beast into the garage and reassemble it (almost doing my back in as part of the process).

    It is lacking a gearbox, for which looks like a promising supplier. I have always thought it would be really cool to have a metal lathe, and now that I have one, I guess I better set it up properly and make something with it!
  • Setting up my little wood lathe properly:
    My 1/3 hp no-name wood lathe has sat on the corner all year with only occasional attention. Its begging to be set up properly so I have an area to while away time and make wood shavings.
  • Getting a draft of a book onto paper:
    I've been playing around with a few ideas for a long time and despite producing thousands of words both for my day job and moonlighting activities, its always been too easy to put the big ideas off. Time to get started.
  • Releasing the inner (amateur) nerd:
    I have boxes of radio equipment I haven't switched on in 20 years. At the very least I think it would be cool to set some gear up to pique the curiosity of my kids as they poke about the garage workshop.
  • Sweep up the workshop floor:
    Entirely optional. Will see how the year pans out before committing to this one.