Thursday, December 12, 2013

Do Birdies Raised Garden Beds work?

This is steel raised garden bed from Birdie's Garden Products set out in the 3.5m x 0.9m configuration.
Having been in place for 18 months the structure remains sound bar a slight sagging on the sides. The bottom half of this bed was filled with coarse sand to aid drainage, the top with a mixture of rich soil, cow manure, charcoal and sugar cane mulch. Growing from left to right above - pumpkins (to be transplanted), soy bean, Japanese Daikon, and another pumpkin we will leave and place and allow to run the length of the fence behind.

No chemical fertilisers have been employed, only occasional watering with a capful of organic liquid fertiliser and seasonal replenishment of manure and sugarcane mulch. With the daikon attracting a few pests to the bed, a plastic container of beer is occasionally hidden between the plants to lure snails to their doom.

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